Denis Kopylov


Denis Kopylov was born in 1972 in Kiev , Ukraine and graduated from the Institute of International Relations , Kiev State University. Now he lives and works in Kiev. It was his dream from the childhood to visit the most exotic and wild places on the planet. His dreams came true and he decided to share what he had seen through the prism of the camera . Years of incredible travels to 80 countries including Antarctica , Arctic , Kenya , Uganda , Congo , Brazil and Papua etc , has been reflected in his photos .  Some of them were published by National Geographic Your Shot , World of Tourism , Panorama , onboard magazine of Ukrainian International Airlines. His exhibition activity began in 2017,  90   exhibitions were held since that time in Ukraine, at Kyiv Airport, the Parliament of Ukraine, Office of The President of Ukraine , National Bank of Ukraine , Kyiv City Administration , National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery" , National Museum of Shevchenko , Kyiv History Museum, KyivPhotoWeek 2017 and  2018 , PhotoKyiv 2019,  in Belgium, France,Great Britain, Israel, Canada, USA, Poland , Czech Republic, Slovakia ,Slovenia, Hungary,Mexico  and Germany during European Month of Photography in Berlin 2018 , German Bundestag 2022 , and Month of Photography in Rome 2019 , Volta Basel 2019 in Basel , Switzerland. Two prizes for video work at the Internet Film Festival "Independent Star" in 2018, 2019.


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